UV and LED Lamp for Nails

Special lighting devices are used to cure gel polish. Without one of these devices, your gel manicure won’t be finished. Unless you are using a gel-like polish that does not require curing under a UV or a  Light Emitting Diode (LED lamp), you will have to invest in one if you are thinking of creating a career out of your hobby. Well, even if you are just a nail hobbyist, you will still need to have one since, as I mentioned earlier, the process won’t be complete without one.


There are so many variations available in the market when you think about UV and LED lamps that you can use to cure your nails. Most gel polish brands offer a matching UV lamp that you can opt to buy yourself. Some manicures will allow you to use other available brands, or just natural light to cure your nails. But if you would like to optimize your time, you should get a nail lamp that will address specific curing needs.

If you are looking for a guide to help you decide the type of nail lamp you’ll go with, you found the right page.

One of the questions that you may need to consider is whether you will need a UV or  LED lamp. “What’s the difference?”, you may ask. Well, the best distinguishing feature of these two is the curing time. An LED cures twice as fast as a UV nail lamp. It also consumes less energy. With regards to the lifespan of each of these bulbs, an LED lamp surpasses a UV lamps’ bulb longevity. The former is said to last for about 50,000 hours compared with the UV that lasts for only about 5000 hours. (more…)

Bearded Dragon Care

There so many pet lovers have turned to some of the most amusing animals to keep as their pets. And one gentle and interesting breed that has been a favored choice for an exotic pet is the bearded dragon. A bearded dragon is a tiny cold-blooded reptile that is a native to the arid desert of Australia. For those who are looking for an easy to manage and less temperamental pet to keep, a bearded dragon would definitely be a good option. They do have some unique features that many most cold-blooded reptiles share, so you would really have to understand their behavior and nature to better provide them the proper care. This Bearded Dragon Care  presents the basic requirements of this docile dragon. Read through this guideline so that you’ll be better prepared on what to expect and what to do with your bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragons

Note that this unique reptile can live for more than a decade. Hence, you would want it to remain healthy and satisfied throughout its stay in its new habitat. A bearded dragon can be quite amusing to watch as it has interesting habits, but you need to make sure that its habitat is fit for the physical features that it has so it will be as active as it should be while in its new environment.

It can be challenging for beginners, but with a lot of research and constant communication with other reptile lovers, you will soon get used to handling and caring for a bearded dragon.

So, what are the basics that you need to provide for your new pet?

First, you have to understand its basic needs. An adult Bearded Dragon can reach up to 2ft in length (average dragon reaches about 17-21 inches). In captivity, these interesting reptiles can have an average lifespan of 10-12 years when provided the right husbandry. They often don’t live as long in the wild, however, compared with many other animals that live longer in their natural habitat. (more…)

I Bought a Hammock for My Bearded Dragon

There are so many strange animals that many animal lovers would rather have as pets than the usual dogs and cats that we usually see at home. One of these unusual creature is the bearded dragon. One of its features that create a different appeal to most hobbyists is its nature looks that make it appear like a miniature dragon. It is also gentle, or tamed as many would rather describe it, and quite easy to maintain. If you decide to have one as a pet, you will need to provide it the proper need the beardie (a name that these reptiles are more commonly known) needs.

bearded dragon

As this docile dragon can live to more than a decade, you will have a long time together with. To make sure that it remains healthy and happy while you are nurturing it, you have to consider all that it needs not only only to survive, but to remain healthy and satisfied.

Bearded dragons come from the the arid, semi-desert regions of Australia. They love to bask in the sun, climb, and spend much of their time in bushes and low-lying trees. There are many ways you can buy a bearded dragon that you can keep as a pet. The safest and best way to find a healthy one will be from reputable reptile breeders. Many of these breeders sale bearded dragons online as well as through a local herpetological society. (more…)

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