I Bought a Hammock for My Bearded Dragon

There are so many strange animals that many animal lovers would rather have as pets than the usual dogs and cats that we usually see at home. One of these unusual creature is the bearded dragon. One of its features that create a different appeal to most hobbyists is its nature looks that make it appear like a miniature dragon. It is also gentle, or tamed as many would rather describe it, and quite easy to maintain. If you decide to have one as a pet, you will need to provide it the proper need the beardie (a name that these reptiles are more commonly known) needs.

bearded dragon

As this docile dragon can live to more than a decade, you will have a long time together with. To make sure that it remains healthy and happy while you are nurturing it, you have to consider all that it needs not only only to survive, but to remain healthy and satisfied.

Bearded dragons come from the the arid, semi-desert regions of Australia. They love to bask in the sun, climb, and spend much of their time in bushes and low-lying trees. There are many ways you can buy a bearded dragon that you can keep as a pet. The safest and best way to find a healthy one will be from reputable reptile breeders. Many of these breeders sale bearded dragons online as well as through a local herpetological society.

You may also find several options to buy at a local pet store. As always, you will need to check the cleanliness of the enclosure of the dragon as well as the reptile source. You will also need to closely examine the reptile before deciding which ones to purchase. Another way to find a probable bearded dragon to keep as a pet is during an event or exhibition that breeders or collectors set up. You may need to check with the breeder how they maintain the dragon and check the cleanliness of the beardie’s enclosure as well.

Once you have a bearded dragon to care for, you need to make sure to provide the right habitat where your pet will feel secure and be free to roam around without any problems. While security within the dragon’s habitat is a primary concern, you also need to make sure that your pet’s enclosure includes element that will make your pet’s stay in it quite satisfying.

One of the accessories that will not only enhance the appeal of your pet’s habitat but will also make it more inviting for the dragon, is a hammock.

The Bearded Dragon Hammock

Your pet dragon will love to have a best bearded dragon hammock in its enclosure. It can be a place where your pet can hang out,like the soft nylon Zoo Med Mesh Reptile Hammock. This hammock comes with suctions cups that you can use attach it to the side of your bearded dragon’s living space. It’s the best way that you can use the unused space in your pet’s enclosure. The best placement will be up in a corner. Have it installed at a height that is low enough for your bearded dragon to climb into. This mesh hammock can also be used with a lizard ladder as it can encourage the lizard to climb. It can also be a great stress reliever for your dragon. A less stressed dragon is a lot healthier.

This nylon mesh hammock is 17.5″ in length and is just right enough for an arboreal pet to lie peacefully while basking or warming up.

Setting up a proper habitat for a bearded dragon may not be easy, especially for first time keepers. It helps to do as much research as you can, so you can properly build an appropriate habitat for your pet. Once you have fully set up your dragon’s enclosure, all you have to worry about is to provide the right diet and nutrition for your pet as well as maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity with Best Reptile Humidifier in the dragon’s new habitat. Hygiene, like in other cases, also plays a vital role in the overall health of a dragon, so you must ensure that every element in the dragon’s enclosure is kept properly cleaned and sanitized regularly.

A hammock is a great addition to your pet’s enclosure. Do you already have one inside your pet dragon’s enclosure? How long did it take your pet to get used to it? Did you encounter any problems with it? Share your experience with us through the comments’ section below.

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