Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Beards

Most men grows beard thinking that this is the best features available to attract girls but this fact is true only up to a certain extent because you need to grow your facial hair in such a way that will grab the attention of girls. While there are many reasons why women get attracted to men with beards, there are also reasons why they don’t like it. No girls will ever like you if you have the below-mentioned bears so try to avoid having one of the following:

Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Beards

Patchy Beard

Being equipped with a neat looking beard is a secret to making you look good. However, if your beard is patchy looking, you will not be able to get the attention of the girls just as you expect. Having a patchy beard will make you look less attractive among women. Therefore, you need to pay special attention towards the proper care of your beard.

Straggly and Thin Looking Beard

Unfortunately, not all guys have thick and full hair. Some guys naturally have thin beards and sadly women don’t like such guys. A Straggly and thin looking hair will not be able to get the attention of any woman because a guy with that kind of beard looks like a serial killer. If your beard makes you look like a serial killer, women will treat you as such.

Too Long a Beard

There are guys out there who prefer to have long beards inspired by Dumbledore. However, not a lot of women find that attractive because a one-foot long beard will not make you look good unless you are Dumbledore then grow your facial hair as long as you want.

Beard that Doesn’t Match the Hair

Women don’t just look at your beard so don’t just focus on that. Instead, they will compare your beard with your other facial features like your hair. It wouldn’t be a nice thing to look at if your beard is shaped and groomed to perfection while your hair is like a bird’s nest above your head. Make sure that your hair looks as good as your beard so that they match perfectly and expect women turning their heads for you.

Uneven Beard

Do not expect your facial hair to even out naturally because it will not. If you are growing a facial hair, you need to keep it trimmed at all times. An untrimmed and messy beard will not take you anywhere but the mountains. If you are serious about growing a fantastic beard then you must invest on a best beard and mustache trimmer accordingly.

Foul Smelling Beard

Your beard is just under your noise so you should be the first one to know whether the smell is not good anymore. Your beard takes all the food, sweat and dirt and if you will not clean it well, it will make you look unattractive in the end.  No women will ever like a foul smelling beard so take measures in keeping it clean and good smelling at all times.

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